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TIP ASP "Aus Der Tiefe" Trisol / Soulfood (TS)
NEU IN EXTREMO "Mein Rasend Herz" Universal (MK)
NEU ANTIMATTER "Planetary Confiment" Prophecy / Soulfood (TS)
NEU KLIMT1918 "Dopoguerra" Prophecy / Soulfood (TS)
NEU NOEKK "The Water Sprite" Prophecy / Soulfood (TS)
NEU DOSSCHE "Vulnerabel" EMI/Alive (TS)
NEU PITCH BLACK INC. "Pitch Black Inc." EP Eigenvertrieb (TS)
NEU IKON "Destroying the world to save it" Equinoxe Records / Alive (DB)
NEU BRITISH SEA POWER "Open Season" Rough Trade (DB)
NEU THANATEROS "Into the Otherworld" Rabazco Records (DB)
NEU AISLENG "Down at Dunbar" Rabazco Records (DB)
NEU FAUN "Renaissance" Curzweyhl (DB)
NEU EICHENSCHILD "Das Ende vom Lied" Curzweyhl (DB)
NEU SCHELMISH "Live" Curzweyhl (DB)
NEU DOPE STARS INC. "10.000Watts (Club Version)" Trisol / Soul Food (Mary)
NEU EL CACO "The Search" Black Balloon (Mary)
NEU MORTAL LOVE "I Have Lost..." Massacre Records (Mary)
NEU PAIN "Dancing with the Dead" Stockholm Records / Universal (DJD)
NEU EXTOL "Blueprint" Century Media (DJD)
NEU PUNISH YOURSELF "Sexplosive Locomotive" Sriracha Records / Alive (DJD)
NEU TRAIL OF TEARS "Free Fall Into Fear" Napalm Records (UK)
NEU EQUILIBRIUM "Turis Fratyr" BlackAttakk (UK)
NEU CRYPTIC WINTERMOON "Of Shadows..." Massacre Records (UK)
NEU PAIMON "Metamorphine" Elysian Records (UK)
NEU NEKROPOLIS "The Perversion Of Humanity" Eigenvertrieb (UK)
NEU THE BREATH OF LIFE "Everlasting Souls" Dark Wings / SPV (SW)
NEU MYSTIGMA "Universal Surrender" Equinoxe Records / Alive (SW)
NEU NEW RAIN "Demo 2004" Eigenvertrieb (SW)
TIP LACRIMOSA "Lichtgestalt" Hall Of Sermon (TS)
[:SITD:] "Coded Message: 12" Accession / Indigo (MK)
VNV NATION "Matter And Form" Anachron / SPV (MK)
NICK CAVE & THE BAD SEEDS "B-Sides & Rarities" Mute Records (DB)
NINE INCH NAILS "With Teeth" Interscope / Universal (Ivo)
PINK TURNS BLUE "Phoenix" Orden / Alive (TS)
QNTAL "Ozymandias - Qntal IV" Drakkar / Sony (TS)
IN MITRA MEDUSA INRI "Without A View Of Things" Apollyon / Alive (TS)
Y-LUK-O "Elektrizitätswerk" Final Dusk / Rough Trade (TS)
TUNES OF DAWN "How Is This Going To The End" Plainsong Records / SoulFood (TS)
GOTHMINISTER "Empire Of Dark Salvation" E-Wave / BMG (MK)
LETHARGY "In-Macula Remixes" e-noxe / Black Flames Records (Ivo)
DUPONT "Intermezzo" Live Is Painful Records (Ivo)
V.A. "Schattenreich Vol. 2" Drakkar / BMG (dod)
TIP WUMPSCUT "Evoke" / "Blondi" Beton Kopf Media / Metropolis (Ivo)
VNV NATION "Chrome" Download-Single Anachron Sounds (Ivo)
MORRISSEY "Live at Earls Court" Interscope / Universal (Ivo)
ALEC EMPIRE "Futurist" Digital Hardcore (Ivo)
MARILYN MANSON "The Nobodies - 2005 " Interscope / Universal (Ivo)
DIARY OF DREAMS "Menschfeind" CDS Accession / Indigo (MK)
PARADISE LOST "Paradise Lost" Supersonoc / BMG (MK)
MARTIN KESICI "So What ..." Island / Universal (Ivo)
SUBSONIC SYMPHONEE "Extreme Evolution" Synthetic Symphony / SPV (dod)
MERLONS LICHTER "Lust" Westpark / Indigo (dod)
DECENCE "Constellation_Gemini" Excentric Records (DB)
ARCADE FIRE "Funeral" Merge Records / Rough Trade (DB)
SINCE THE DAY "El Mensajero no es importante" Bastardized Recordings (DB)
PTI "Blackout" wtll-records (DB)
SLEEPING CHILDREN "Lullebies for Debauchery" Strobelight Records / Indigo (SW)
MOTHERS LITTLE HELPERS "Protect the Innocent" All Around Music (SW)
ANGEL SELF DESTRUCT "Luna Reincarnativh" Non-pareil / Musea (SW)
BLUE BIRDS REFUSE TO FLY "anapter ma" Decandence Records (SW)
DARK SUNS "Existence" Prophecy Productions (Mary)
MANDRAKE "The Balance Of Blue" GreyFall / Soulfood (Mary)
CROSSCUT "Director´s Cut" Fame Recordings (Mary)
FRONTSIDE "Forgive Us Our Sins" Regain Records (Mary)
VITTORIO VANDELLI "A Day Of Warm Rain In Heaven" Equilibrium Music (Mary)
MECHANICAL POET "Woodland Prattlers" Aural Music (Mary)
TO SEPARATE THE FLESH FROM THE BONES "Utopia Sadistica" Spikefarm (UK)
ENTHRONED "Xes Haereticum" Spikefarm (UK)
WYKKED WYTCH "Nefret" Demolition Records (UK)
LA MAMOYNIA "La Mamoynia" Die Kraft durch die Form Records (LH)
FEARING CHRISTMAS "Die Morgennacht " Eigenvertrieb (UB)
ONE FOR JUDE "Hélice" Eigenvertrieb (UB)
FRAGMENT "Concept" Eigenvertrieb (UB)
BEAT IN ZEN "Ocean Captive" Eigenvertrieb (UB)
RE/MOVE "rm" Eigenvertrieb (UB)
TIP NEUROTICFISH "Gelb" StrangeWays (Ivo)
GIRLS UNDER GLASS "Zyklus" Dependent / Alive (dod)
TRISOMIE 21 "Happy Mystery Child" Le Maquis Music (UB)
TOCOTRONIC "Pure Vernunft darf niemals siegen" L'Age d'Or / Rough Trade (Ivo)
COMBICHRIST "Sex, Drogen und Industrial" CDS Out Of Line (Ivo)
SPETSNAZ "Perfect Body" CDS Out Of Line (Ivo)
THE 69 EYES "Devils" Virgin / EMI Finnland (LH)
UMBRA ET IMAGO "Motus Animi" Spirit Production / Indigo (LH)
UNHEILIG "Gastspiel" Do-CD Four.Rock / SoulFood (DB)
SALTATIO MORTIS "Manufactum" Napalm Records (DB)
VOODOO CHURCH "Unholy Burial" Strobelight Records / Indigo (SW)
AGONISHED BY LOVE "All of white Horizons" alfa matrix (TS)
MARTIN DEAN "The Best of Martin Dean" Monogam (UB)
BEHIND THE SCENERY "Retroviseur" Supreme Chaos Records (dod)
DARKSEED "Ultimate Darkness" Massacre Records / SoulFood (SR)
MOONSORROW "Verisäkeet" Spikefarm (MK)
MY SIXTH SHADOW "Love-Fading Innocence" Watch Me Fall Records (Mary)
LIFEND "Innerscars" Cruz Del Sur Music (Mary)
WAYSTED "Back From The Dead" Majestic Rock Records (Mary)
FALL OF SERENITY "Royal Killing" Metal Age (UK)
NECRONOMICON "Construction Of Evil" Remedy Records (UK)
GLASS CASKET "We are gathered here today…" Bastardized Records (DB)
ZADERA "...something red" Strobelight Records / Indigo (DB)
MISSRATENER SOHN "Sonar Killer" Kafue Systems (SW)
TIP APOCALYPTICA "Apocalyptica" Universal (dod)
TRISTANIA "Ashes" Steamhammer / SPV (MK)
PARADISE LOST "Forever After" CDS Gun / BMG (MK)
RAMMSTEIN "Ohne Dich" CDS Universal (Ivo)
GARY NUMAN "Are 'Friends' Electric?" MCP / EuroTrend (Ivo)
ULTRAVIOLENCE "Blown Away (94-04)" Earache / SPV (SR)
ZERAPHINE "Blind Camera" Drakkar (LH)
THE WICKED "Sonic Scriptures Of The End Times ... Spikefarm (UK)
AZRAEL'S SEED "Midnight Sun" Eigenvertrieb (UK)
NO PRIDE "Der Quell des Lebens" Eigenvertrieb (MK)
UNLOVED "My Way To Run" EP Eigenvertrieb (MK)
SOL INVICTUS "The Devil´s Steed" Tursa / Dark Vinyl (DB)
TIP KARI RUESLATTEN "Other People's Stories" GMR / Peach Music (TS)
THE CURE "Three Imaginary Boys - Deluxe-Edition" Do-CD Fiction-Records (DB)
N.F.D. (Noise for Destruction) "No Love Lost" Jungle Records / Rough Trade (DB)
SECOND SKIN "Black Eyed Angel" Palace of Worms (DB)
THE FAIR SEX "Thin Walls - Part II" Endless / Alive (MK)
THE INVINCIBLE SPIRIT "Anthology 1984 - 2004" Endless / Alive (MK)
DARKWELL "Meta[t]ron" Napalm Records (UK)
MARDUK "Plague Angel" Regain Records (UK)
BETHLEHEM "Mein Weg" Red Stream (UK)
AINULINDALE "The Lay Of Leithian" Trollmusic (TS)