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der Woche
FAUN "Lichtbilder" DVD Curzweyhl (DB)
NEU KILLING MIRANDA "Consummate" Suck Records / Cadiz Music (dod)
NEU SHNARPH! "Atmen" Pronoize / NovaMedia (MK)
NEU HUMAN DECAY "Disbelieve" Accession Records / Indigo (MK)
NEU MASSIV IN MENSCH "Menschdefekt" Endless / Alive (MK)
NEU CHRISTIAN DÖRGE "Moldavia 1 & 2" Black Oktober / Radio Etienne (TS)
NEU POTENTIA ANIMI "Das Erste Gebet" Stars In Dark / SoulFood (TS)
NEU ARDOR "Metamorph" Venus Records / Curzweyhl (DB)
NEU GEYERS "Lästerzungen" Geyers Records (DB)
NEU WISSMUT "Cured" Brachialpop / T.O.D. (DB)
NEU KOOPER KAIN "Turning Cities To Salt" SINister Records (DB)
NEU THEE MALDOROR KOLLECTIVE "A Clockwork Highway" Code666 / SPV (MK)
A.d.W. DIARY OF DREAMS "Nigredo" Accession Records / Indigo (MK)
STENDAL BLAST "Schmutzige Hände" Schwarzrock / Soulfood (TS)
HELIUM VOLA "In lichter Farbe steht der Wald" MCD Chrom Records / Inigo (TS)
WITHIN TEMPTATION "The Silent Force" SuperSonic / Gun / BMG (LH)
CRADLE OF FILTH "Nymphetamine" Roadrunner Records / Universal (AT)
ROTTING CHRIST "Sanctus Diavolos" Century Media (AT)
THE INVINCIBLE SEX "A Split EP" Endless / SoulFood (MK)
SAVA "Aire" Curzweyhl (DB)
SOL INVICTUS "The Angel" Tursa (DB)
BRANDED WOMEN "Velvet Hours - Stolen Moments" Ranch Records (DB)
MILÙ mit Kim Sanders und Peter Heppner "Aus Gold" MCD Drakkar Entertainment (LH)
ANGTORIA "Demo" Eigenvertrieb (LH)
MORE MACHINE THAN MAN "Binary Sex" EP Black Flames Records (LH)
HIV+ "Rotten beat manifesto" Black Flames Records (LH)
A.d.W. UNTOTEN"Herrschaft der Vampire" Sonic Malade / SoulFood (MK)
TWO WITCHES "Sacrifice" Darklands (TS)
HUMAN DISEASE "Our Flesh Deception" Strobelight / Indigo (TS)
GÖTTERDÄMMERUNG "Kin-Burst 9140" Strobelight / Indigo (TS)
ANIMA LEGATO "" Matahari (TS)
CLIENT "City" Toast Hawaii / Mute (KL)
MEGADUMP "Polarity" SSI / SoulFood (MK)
MINDWARE "Shut It Down" SSI / SoulFood (MK)
SPIRITUAL CRAMP "To Say Goodbye" SAD Records / SXDistribution (SR)
DRONNING MAUD LAND "The Essence Of A Decade Part I" Schwarzrock / SoulFood (UB)
SARDH"Idyll" Edition Raute (UB)
MONSTRUM SEPSIS"Doors & Windows" wtll Records (UB)
DER EREMIT"Das" Thunderdome (UB)
VOXUS IMP."Runen" Mjölnir Tonkunst (UB)
ABRUPTUM"Casus Luciferi" Regain Records (UB)
V.A."Tanz der Nacht" uliketodance_01 (UB)
V.A."Our Voices - A Tribute to The Cure" Equinoxe Records (DB)
V.A. "Black Box ... some kind of goth" BlackBox / SXDistribution (SR)
A.d.W. THE BIRTHDAY MASSACRE "Violet" RepoRecords / AL!VE (MK)
LAIBACH "Anthems" Mute / Sony (TS)
EPICA "We Will Take You With Us" Transmission Records (UK)
SAMAEL "Reign Of Light" Regain Records / Sony (dod)
ASSEMBLAGE 23 "Storm" Accession / Indigo (MK)
LIGHTS OF EUPHORIA "One Nation" CDS Accession / Indigo (MK)
SCREAM SILENCE CD "Elegy" Rabazco / SoulFood (LH)
GOLDEN APES "Structures / The Inner Scars" Eigenvertrieb (TS)
TRANSIT POETRY "Themes From The Desolate Ocean" Curzweyl / AMV (TS)
AUTUMNBLAZE "Words are not what they seem" Prophecy / SoulFood (TS)
FALK LENN "Windherz" Manufaktur (UB)
THE GREGORIAN "The Dark Side" Edel Records (dod)
DEATH IN JUNE & BOYD RICE "Alarm Agents" New European Records / NER (DB)
SEAR BLISS "Glory And Perdition" Red Stream (Mary)
SUHRIM "Old Scars, Fresh Wound" + DVD Pulsar Light Records (Mary)
CIBORIUM "Overgrowing Human Void" Recital Records (UK)
KEY OF MYTHRAS "Demonspeed Metalstorm" Pulsar Light Records (UK)
LORD BELIAL "The Seal Of Belial" Regain Records (UK)
DARKSTYLE "Whispering Wnoices" EP Wiola Geist (UK)
GALAHAD "Storyteller's Dance" EP Eigenvertrieb (UB)
ENCRIMSON'D "Agrarian Menace" Eigenvertrieb (UB)
BAK XIII "In Cauda Venenum" WTII Records (UB)
TRIGGER10d "…but the girl's the same" WTII Records (UB)
FINKENAUER "Finkenauer" Add On Music (DB)
V.A. "Neo.Pop.04" 1ST Decade Records (DB)
A.d.W. RAMMSTEIN "Reise, Reise" Universal (Ivo)
DEPECHE MODE "Remixes 81-04" Venusnote / Mute (Ivo)
PLACEBO "Once More With Feeling / Singles 1996-2004" Hut / Virgin (Ivo)
SNAKESKIN "Music for the lost" Hall Of Sermon (Jack)
WITHIN TEMPTATION "Stand My Ground" CDS GUN Super Sonic / BMG (Ivo)
XANDRIA "Eversleeping" CDS Drakkar / BMG (dod)
ELIS "Dark Clouds In A Perfekt Sky" Napalm / SPV (TS)
ZERAPHINE "Die Macht In Dir" CDS Drakkar / BMG (MK)
WHERE ANGELS FALL "Dies Irae" Edgerunner / Twilight (dod)
LETZTE INSTANZ "Live" All Around / Soulfood (TS)
ASP "Re-Releases" CDs/Box Sets Trisol / SoulFood (TS)
HEKATE "Goddess" Auerbach / SoulFood (TS)
TIMO RAUTIAINEN & TRIO NISKALAUKAUS "Hartes Land" Cyclone Empire (Mary)
WINTERSUN "Wintersun" Nuclear Blast (Mary)
CRACK OV DAWN "Dawn Addict" Equilibre Music (Mary)
LYCOSIA "Lycosia" Equilibre Music (Mary)
EMINENCE "Humanology" Timeless Productions (Mary)
MONO INC. "Head Under Water" NoCut / Sony (MK)
FEKTION FEKLER "Into the sun" Blackflames Records (LH)
MORS IN TABULA "Promo CD 2004" Eigenvertrieb (LH)
BACKWORLD "All That Remains" 12"EP Vinyl Eis & Licht / SXDistribution (MK)
DRITTE WAHL "tooth for tooth" Dritte Wahl Records (DB)
METALSPÜRHUNDE "Blut und Spiele" Klangfang (DB)
EISREGEN "Wundwasser" Massacre Records (DB)
A.d.W. L'AME IMMORTELLE "Gezeiten" Super Sonic / BMG (Ivo)
MARILYN MANSON "Lest we forget – The Best Of" Interscope / Universal (Ivo)
NICK CAVE & THE BADSEEDS "Abattoir Blues / The Lyre of ..." Mute Records (DB)
LEVINHURST "Perfect Life" Full Contact (DB)
ILLUMINATE "AugenBlicke" Gallery / Nuclear Blast (LH)
THE CRÜXSHADOWS "Fortress In Flames" Dancing Ferret (LH)
OOMPH! "Sex hat keine Macht" CDS Supersonic / BMG (MK)
CLAN OF XYMOX "The Best of ..." Pandaimonium / Alive (MK)
MORTIIS "The Grudge" Earache Records (dod)
CALIBAN - The Opposite From Within Roadrunner Records (dod)
APOKRYPHA "To The Seven" Black Attakk (UK)
ISENBURG "Erzgebirge" Black Attakk (UK)
WARCHILD X: "between shadows and light" Eigenvertrieb (UK)
ARTEFACT "Son Of Solstice" Hardebaran (Mary)
REVEREND BIZARRE "Harbringer Of Metal" Spinefarm (Mary)
SHAPE OF DISPAIR "Illusion´s Play" Spikefarm (MK)
MORGENSTERN "Fuego" Napalm Records (DB)
TRANSSYLVANIANS "Igen!" Westpark Music (DB)
DECADES "DeLuxe" EP Rondokraft (LH)
DRESDEN DOLLS "Dresden Dolls" Roadrunner / Universal (Ivo)
WUNDER "Was Hält Uns Wach" Zwischengeschoss / WEA (Ivo)
A.d.W. FEINDFLUG "Kollaboration" LP Black Rain (Ivo)
DIARY OF DREAMS "Giftraum" CDS Accession / Indigo (MK)
ASSEMBLAGE 23 "Let The Wind Erase Me" CDS Accession / Indigo (MK)
IKON "Psychic Vampire" EP Nile / Import (MK)
PAPA ROACH "Getting away with murder" CDS Dreamworks / Universal (Ivo)
ONETWO "Item" EP There Music / Übersonik (Ivo)
XP8 "Forgiven" EP Black Flames / e-noxe (Ivo)
ROBERT ZIINO "Twilight Clones" CD BMI Artist (Ivo)
MANNHAI "The Exploder" CD Spinefarm Records (Mary)
CRYSTAL ENTITY "Close To Dawn" CD Eigenvertrieb (Mary)
NOUVELLE VAGUE "Nouvelle Vague" CD Peacefrog / Rough Trade (DB)
SCALA & Kolacny Brothers "Engel" CDS PIAS / Rough Trade (Ivo)
V.A. "Accession Records Volume Two " CD Accession Records / Indigo (Ivo)
A.d.W. L'ÂME IMMORTELLE "5 Jahre" CDS GUN Super Sonic / BMG (Ivo)
MONA MUR "Into Your Eye" Alice in... / Soulfood (TS)
EWIGHEIM "Heimwege" Prophecy / Soulfood (TS)
NUUK "Cold Kissed Eyes" Voxroads / Eigenvertrieb (MK)
STOA "Urthona" Alice In… / NovaMedia (MK)
STOA "Porta VIII" Alice In… / NovaMedia (MK)
ATTRITION "Dante’s Kitchen" Trisol / SoulFood (MK)
LAST RITES "Mind Prison" Nadir / Hardeberan (MK)
FISSION "Crater" Napalm Records (Mary)
TO SEPARATE THE FLESH FROM THE BONES "For Those ..." Spinefarm Records (Mary)
WARREN SUICIDE "Warren Suicide" CDS Leiterfabrik (KL)
CURIOUS "The Intimate Stranger" Genetic Music (SW)
THE 3 COLD MEN "The 3 Cold Men" SSI / Soulfood (TS)
CYCLOON "Waterskills" SSI / Soulfood (TS)
V.S.B. "Atomic Erotic" Nightclub Rec. / SXDistribution (Ivo)
DRONE 24-7 "Fastforward and never rewind " Dronlabs Inc. (Ivo)
A.d.W. DAS ICH "Lava: Glut" Massacre / Soulfood (TS)
RAMMSTEIN "Mein Teil" CDS Universal / A Divisio (Ivo)
STENDAL BLAST & BLUTENGEL "Mein Babylon" CDS Dark Dimensions / Soulfood (TS)
LAST INFLUENCE OF BRAIN "Illusions And Reality" Black Flames / Alive (Ivo)
PANIC DHH "Panic Drives Human Herds" Digital Hardcore / Rough Trade (Ivo)
LAKE OF TEARS "Black Brick Road" Noise / SPV (MK)
REGICIDE "Viorus" F.A.M.E. / BMG (UK)
AEBA "Shemhamforash - Des Hasses Antlitz" Twilight Records (UK)
GALADRIEL "World Under World" Metal Age Productions (UK)
ENSIFERUM "Iron" Spinefarm Records (UK)
GODÜS "Hell Fuck Demon Sound" Xtreem Music (UK)
ABADDON INCARNATE "Dark Crusade" Xtreem Music (UK)
STORM WARRIOR "Northern Rage" Remedy Records (UK)
GRANDCHAOS "Ionize Me" MCD Galaxy (KL)
VANITAS "Lichtgestalten" CCP Records / SPV (dod)
CRISIS "Like Sheep Led To Slaughter" The End Records/Sony (dod)
WINDS "The Imaginary Direction Of Time" The End Records/Plastichead (dod)
BLAKE "Starbringer" Spinefarm Records (Mary)
KRAGENS "Dying In A Desert" Thundering Records (Mary)
V.A. "Heroes Of Steel - Chapter 2" ZYX Music (Mary)
A.d.W. NEW MODEL ARMY "Live 161203" DVD + CD
JUSTIN SULLIVAN "Tales of the Road" CD
Secret Films / Attack Attack (DB)
ELEND "Sunwar the Dead" Prophecy / SoulFood (TS)
NEUN WELTEN "Neun Welten" Auerbach / SoulFood (TS)
ENDRAUM "Traumstaub" Trisol / SoulFood (TS)
ANONYMOUS DREAM "Brillant & Dangerous" Eigenvertrieb (MK)
LAMENT "Last Dance of Summer" Eigenvertrieb (TS)
FORMFLEISCH "Grip" Eigenvertrieb (TS)
GASHER G.14 "Narrkose" Eigenvertrieb (MK)
H2Q "Ostend - Eine digitale Novelle" Eigenvertrieb (TS)
V.A. "The Lotus Eater - A Tribute To Dead Can Dance" Black Lotus Records (TS)
A.d.W. DE/VISION "6 feet underground" E-Wave / Drakkar / BMG (SR)
THE PRODIGY "Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned" XL-Recordings / Indigo (Ivo)
PAUL VAN DYK / PETER HEPPNER "Wir sind wir" CDS Urban / Universal (Ivo)
FIXMER/MCCARTHY "Between The Devil..." Synthetic Symphony / SPV (MK)
I, SYNTHESIST "Avalanche" Endless Records (KL)
SOPOR AETERNUS "La Chambre D'Echo..." Apocalyptic Vision / Infrarot (TS)
LUX INTERNA "Ignis Mutat Res" Eis & Licht / Tesco (TS)
THEATRES DES VAMPIRES "Nightbreed Of Macabria" Blackend / SoulFood (MK)
DARK FORTRESS "Stab Wounds" Black Attakk / SoulFood (MK)
THE WAKE "Harmony & Singles" Factory / LTM-Publishing (DB)
THE WEATHERMEN "Deeper" Firezone / NovaMedia (KL)
PORTION CONTROL "Wellcome" (-) (KL)
SNAKESKIN "Melissa" CDS H2 Music (SR)
A.d.W. CHAMBER "Miles Away" CDS Trisol / SoulFood (TS)
THE CURE "The Cure" Geffen / Universal (Ivo / DB)
PANZER AG "This Is My Battlefield" Accession / Indigo (MK)
CLIENT "In it for the money" EP Toast Hawaii / Mute (Ivo)
MIND.IN.A.BOX "Lost alone" Dependent (Ivo)
SEETHER "Disclaimer II" Wind-up Records / Sony (Ivo)
SOIL "Redefine" J-Records / BMG (Mary)
MEPHISTO WALZ "Insidous" Alice In ... / NovaMedia (MK)
PUISSANCE "State Collapse" Regain Records / Sony (dod)
PLEASURE AND PAIN "Exit Gate" code666 (LL)
GEZEITEN "Demo 2003" EP Eigenvertrieb (LL)
A.d.W. APOPTYGMA BERZERK "Unicorn / Harmonizer" EP+DVD Harddrive / Warner (Ivo)
THE HOUSE OF USHER / FALLEN APART "Hegemony" Équinoxe Records (Ivo)
MINERVE "Breathing Avenue" Pandailectric (LL)
V.A. "Kosmoloko" Galakthorrö (UB)
A.d.W. LEAVE´S EYES "Lovelorn" Napalm Records / SPV (MK)
SLIPKNOT "Vol.3: The Subliminal Verses" Roadrunner Records / Universal (dod)
SKINNY PUPPY "The Greater Wrong Of The Right" Synthetic Symphony / SPV (MK)
CELL DIVISION "Tsunami / Hypnotized" Thunderdome (UB)
EUROCIDE "Europe in Dust" Thunderdome (UB)
PATH OF GOLCONDA "destination:downfall" Eigenvertrieb (UK)
FORSETI "Erde" goeart / Grunwald (TS)
LUPERCALIA "Florilegium" Equilirium (TS)
MORGAIN "Abandoned In The Forest Of Weariness" Metal Age / Twilight (MK)
MARTIN BEYER "Hinter den Türen" Eskapis (TS)
A.d.W. MORRISSEY "You Are The Quarry" Sanctuary / Roughtrade (Ivo)
HOCICO "born to be (hated)" Out Of Line (Ivo)
Z PROCHEK "Viewers" Re:Pop / Sony (dod)
NIGHTWISH "Nemo" / "Once" Spinefarm / Nuclear Blast (Ivo)
XANDRIA "Ravenheart" Drakkar / BMG (dod)
ASRAI "Touch In The Dark" Transmission Records (UK)
MOONLYGHT "Progressive Darkness" Escapi New Media (UK)
NEBELHEXE "Laguz - within the lake" Irascible Distributions (DB)
THE CASCADES "Spells And Ceremonies" Rabazco / Soulfood (NM)
VOID OF SILENCE "Human Antithesis" Code666 / SPV (MK)
AGHIATRIAS: "Regions Of Limen" Epidemie Records (UB)
LA DEUXIÈME CRÉATION "Das Buch Kain" Eigenvertrieb (Ivo)
A.d.W. HAGGARD "Eppur Si Muove" Drakkar / BMG (dod)
OOMPH! "Brennende Liebe" MCD GUN/Supersonic/BMG (dod)
ALTARIA "Divinity" Metal Heaven (Mary)
DESIRE "Locus Horrendus" Eigenvertrieb (UK)
THOU SHALL NOT "The White Beyond" Dancing Ferret Discs (TS)
ADARO "Schlaraffenland" Tempus Fugit / SPV (TS)
VINTERRIKET: "Landschaften ewiger Einsamkeit " Ketzer Records (UB)
CASCADE "Love Can't Wait" Eigenvertrieb (TS)
ATOMTRAKT: "Verwüstung" EP Eigenvertrieb (UB)
V.A.: "Snuff Electronics" Butcher's House (UB)
A.d.W. THORA "Total World Paranoia" Eigenvertrieb (UK)
SEABOUND "Poisonous Friend" EP Dependent / Alive (MK)
SILVERY "Blackbox" Dark Wings / SPV (dod)
VELVET ACID CHRIST "Between The Eyes Vol.1" Metropolis / SoulFood (MK)
ANGEL THEORY "Transmission"/"Fatal Condition" Ground Under / Endless-Records (Ivo)
PLASTIC NOISE EXPERIENCE "Maschinenraum" Alfa-Matrix (Ivo)
FINNTROLL "Nattfödd" Century Media (dod)
ENOCH "Graveyard Disturbances" Baphomet / RedStream (MK)
MASTERS OF REALITY "Give Us Barrabas" Brownhouse/Zomba (SR)
V.A. "Dark East" OFF Sound / BigBlue Records (SR)
A.d.W. CARINOU "Bound" Code666 (TS)
FEAR FACTORY "Archetype" Roadrunner / Universal (dod)
SCHANDMAUL "Wie Pech & Schwefel" Fame / BMG (MK)
ASTROVAMPS "Amerikan Gothick" Alice In ... / SoulFood (SW)
NOSFERATU "The Best Of Nosferatu Volume 1" Hades Records (TS)
JOHN ALEXANDER ERICSON "Songs For Quiet Souls" Dark Media/Soul Food (TS)
DARK AGE "Dark Age" Remedy Records (UK)
COLLAPSE 7 "In Deep Silence" Napalm Records (UK)
KHOLD "Mørke Gravers Kammer" Candlelight Records (UK)
NEOSPASTICS "Plasticlove" Napalm Records (Mary)
REPTYLE "A High And Lonely Place" Sonorium / SXDistribution (SW)
SUPERIKONE "Opiate" Upscene / Indigo (Ivo)
MANDO DIAO "Bring 'Em In" Capitol / EMI (Ivo)
E.R.R.A. "Light Of Love" Black Flames/Alive (TS)
DEADBABES "The Drug" Future Records (SR)
A.d.W. JANUS"Auferstehung" Trisol / SoulFood (TS)
!DISTAIN "25 Frames A Second" Chrom Records (Ivo)
KONTRAST "Industrie Romantik" UpScene / Indigo (Ivo)
DARGAARD "Rise And Fall" Napalm / SPV (MK)
ENID "Gradwanderer" Code666 (SR)
UNBOUND "Revenge for the Innocent" - (LL)
MECHANICAL MOTH "Fallen into you" Dark Dimensions / SoulFood (SW)
THE UNHOLY GUESTS "black clouds, red skies" Eigenimport (SW)
DRASTIQUE "Pleasureligion" Beyond / Masterpiece (dod)
DISGUISE "Human Primordial Instinct" Twilight / Eigenvertrieb (Mary)
TIME REQUIEM "The Inner Circle Of Reality" Regain Records (Mary)
A.d.W. THE RETROSIC "God of Hell" TRIBUNErec. (Ivo)
AUDIOPLUG "X-Posed" Decadance Records (Ivo)
FINAL SELECTION "Heading for Graceland" Black Flames / Alive (TS)
ATROCITY "Atlantis" Napalm Records (Ivo)
LEAVE´S EYES "Into Your Light" CDS Napalm Records (Chris)
CULTUS FEROX "Flamme des Meeres" CDS John Silver / Soulfood (MK)
THE CREATURES "Hai" Sioux / Rough Trade (MK)
ENTWINE "DiEversity" Century Media (AT)
SUSPERIA "Unlimited" Tabu / Spinefarm (AT)
INSOMIUM "Since The Day It All Came Down" Candlelight Records (AT)
MARYSLIM "Splitvision" Wild Kingdom / Rough Trade (DB)
HELLFUELED "Volume One" Black Lodge (Mary)
ACHERON "Rebirth: Metamorphosis into godhood" Black Lotus (MH)
KRONOS "Collosal Titan Strife" XTREEM Music (Ivo)
A.d.W. HELIUM VOLA "Liod" Chrom / Indigo (TS)
HIM "And Love Said No" GUN / Supersonic / BMG (dod)
IN STRICT CONFIDENCE "Face the Fear" Minuswelt (Ivo)
SLEEPWALK "Rapid Eye Movement" Scanner / Soulfood (LL)
ZERAPHINE "New Year´s Day" CDS E-Wave / Drakkar (Mary)
NORTHER "Death Unlimited" Spinefarm Records (Mary)
CONSTRUCDEAD "Violadead" Black Lodge (LL)
FAKE MOSS: "It´s You Against The City Tonight" Ultrachrome Records (DB)
PREDOMINANT LUNATICS "Hoping For Dusk" Eigenvertrieb (DB)
SLENDER FLAME "Finally" Eigenvertrieb (DB)
A.d.W. FLOWING TEARS "Razorbliss" Century Media / SPV (MK)
ENTER CHAOS "Aura Sense" Metal Mind Productions (Mary)
ANNE CLARK "Notes Taken, Traces Left" Net Musiczone / Rough Trade (MK)
OST - "Erbsen auf halb6" Strange Ways (Ivo)
A.d.W. :WUMPSCUT: "Bone Peeler" Betonkopf Media (Ivo)
PUNTO OMEGA "Punto Omega" Trisol Music Group (Ivo)
HIM "Solitary Man" CDS GUN/Supersonic/BMG (dod)
IN FLAMES "Soundtrack To Your Escape" Nuclear Blast (AT)
SENGIR "Guilty Water" Buzzville / Soulfood (SR)
NEGATOR"Old Black" Remedy Records (MK)
TOTENMOND "Unter Knochen" Massacre Records (Ivo)
VOODOMA "Dimension V" Eigenvertrieb (Ivo)
A.d.W. ESCAPE WITH ROMEO "Psalms Of Survival" Zeitklang Records (Mary)
ATROCITY "Cold Black Days" CDS Napalm / SPV (SR)
CHANDEEN "Pandora´s Box" Kalinkaland (MK)
CLOSTERKELLER "Nero" Metal Mind (TS)
ANGELUS MORTUS "Universum der Gefühle" Eigenvertrieb (TS)
EXPLIZIT EINSAM "Auf Ewig" Cerebral/SX Distriution (TS)
A.d.W. ASP "Ich Will Brennen" CDS Trisol / EFA (SR)
WITHIN TEMPTATION "Running Up That Hill" CDS Supersonic / BMG (MK)
OOMPH! "Wahrheit Oder Pflicht" Supersonic / BMG (dod)
PZYCHOBITCH "The Day After" Minuswelt / Sony (dod)
DELERIUM "Chimera" Capitol / EMI (Ivo)
EISHEILIG "Die Gärten des Herrn" Napalm / SPV (Ivo)
A.d.W. UMBRA ET IMAGO "Memento Mori" Spirit / Indigo (SR)
JOACHIM WITT "Pop" Ventil / SPV (TS)
EINSTÜRZENDE NEUBAUTEN "Perpetuum Mobile" Mute Records (TS)
MELISSA AUF DER MAUR "Melissa Auf Der Maur" EMI (AT)
RAUNCHY "Confusion Bay" Nuclear Blast (AT)
ORPHANED LAND "Mabool" Century Media (AT)
YELWORC "Trinity" Minuswelt/Sony (dod)
COLONY 5 "Colonisation" Synthetic / Indigo (MK)
AXOE "Telegraphic" Decadance Records (NM)
SHARDLESS "Newday" Eigenvertrieb (Mary)
POUNDING DEAD HEART "psychoma demo" Eigenvertrieb (DB)
ORDEAL BY FIRE "roots and the dust" Innermost Phobia (SW)
A.d.W. THE CURE "Join The Dots" (4CD-Box) Fiction Records (DB)
ALIEN SEX FIEND "Information Overload" 13th Moon / Luce (Ivo)
THE DESTILLERS "Coral Fang" Sire / Warner (Ivo)
NORTHERN LITE "Reach The Sun" 1st Decade Records (TS)
WARREN SUICIDE "Listen to National Radio Stations" Vinyl 1st Decade Records (TS)
RECTOR SCANNER "Vocoder" Pandailectric / EFA (TS)
CUE TO RECALL "Demo" MCD Eigenvertrieb (TS)
LAST LAMENT "Private Hell" Eigenvertrieb (DB)
COLUMBIA OBSTRUCTION BOX "a single rat´s record" 5-HT-Records (DB)
MISERY INC. "Yesterday´s Grave" ZYX-Music (DB)
UNTO ASHES "Empty Into White" CD + MCD Kalinkaland / NovaMedia (MK)
SWORN ENEMY "As Real As It Gets" Elektra / Warner (MK)
A.d.W. UNHEILIG "Zelluloid" Four Rock / Soulfood (TS)
OOPH! "Augen Auf!" CDS GUN/Supersonic/BMG (dod)
UMBRA ET IMAGO "Sweet Gwendoline" CDS Spirit / Indigo (SR)
FRONTLINE ASSEMBLY "Civilisation" Synthetic Symphony / SPV (dod)
SEABOUND "Beyond Flatline" Dependent / Alive (MK)
RESTRICTED AREA "Fun And Fearless" Live is Painful Records/Nova (TS)
BURDEN OF GRIEF "Fields of Salvation" Remedy Records (MH)
BLUDGEON "Crucified Live" CD/DVD Magic Circle Music (AT)
THE DUSKFALL "Source" Black Lotus Records (Mary)
MOURNING ENDS "Diffrent Ways" Circulations Records (Mary)
THE BLACK LEAGUE "Man`s Ruin Revisited" Spinefarm Records (Mary)
SEEDS OF SORROW "Immortal Junkies" Black Lotus Records (Mary)
VII GATES "Fire, Walk With Me" Sound Riot Records (Mary)
ALVARÉZ PERÉZ"Thanatophobia" Netopejr Records (SW)
IMAGINARY WALLS "Palace of Rain" Day Star Production (SW)
CRADLE OF SPOIL "Die Macht des Schweigens" Celtic Circle Productions (SW)
MONO FÜR ALLE "San Pedro Konzert" CD/SVCD Eigenvertrieb (TS)
A.d.W. IN STRICT CONFIDENCE "Holy" Minuswelt (Ivo)
SALTATIO MORTIS "Erwachen" Napalm / SPV (SU)
BLUTENGEL "Forever" CDS Out of Line (Ivo)
SCHILLER mit HEPPNER "Leben ...I Feel You" CDS Island/Universal (SR)
NEW CONCEPT "The Outer Gates" Strange Ways / Indigo (Ivo)
SARA NOXX "Equinoxx" Scanner / Soulfood (Ivo)
THE GATHERING "Sleepy Buildings" Century Media (AT)
FARMER BOYS "The Other Side" Nuclear Blast (AT)
TWILIGHTNING "Delirium Veil" Spinefarm (AT)
SECRET DISCOVERY "Pray" Drakkar / BMG (dod)
SWAN CHRISTY "Julian" Black Lotus (Mary)
MORNING AFTER "Beneath The Real" Black Lotus (Mary)
FIREWATER "The Man On The Burning Tightrope" Nois-o-lution / Indigo (SU)
SUBSTANCE OF DREAM "Gloria" CDS de profundis (SU)
V.A. "EXTREME Jenseitshymnen 4" UPSCENE / Indigo (Ivo)
V.A. "Aderlass Vol.1" Totentanz / SoulFood (MK)
A.d.W. ERBLAST/ARTWORK "Exodus" Erbgut / Etage Music (SW)
THE VISION BLEAK "The Deathship has a new Captain" Prophecy (TS)
KARI BREMNES "You'd have to be here" Strange Ways / Indigo (TS)
AND ALSO THE TREES "Further From The Truth" AATT / EFA (TS)
DEVILDRIVER "Devildriver" Roadrunner / Universal (MK)
V.A."New Dark Age Vol.1" Strobelight / Indigo (UB)