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  FUNHOUSE "Flames Of Love" M&A / SX Distribution (Mary)
  EVANESCENE "My Immortal" CDS Wind Up Records (dod)
  FOREST OF IMPALED "Forward The Spears" Red Stream (MK)
  PLASTIC "Black Colours" Accession / EFA (MK)
  EISBRECHER "Eisbrecher" ZYX Records (DJDirk)
  LIBITINA "The Shadowline" Libation Records (SW)
  ABSURD MINDS "The Focus" SoulFood / Scanner (SW)
  RE.WORK "Coma" SoulFood / Scanner (SW)
  ROTERSAND "Truth Is Fantatic" Endless Records (SW)
  RAISON D'ETRE "Requiem for Abandoned Souls" Cold Meat Industry / EFA (SU)
  OSTARA "Ultima Thule" Eis & Licht (DB)
  CASUAL "figura 11" VEL Records (SW)
  SAMSAS TRAUM "Arachnoidea..." Trisol / EFA (SU)
  WOLVERINE Cold Light Of Monday" Elitist / SPV (MK)
  MOONSORROW "Suden Uni" Spinefarm Records (Mary)
  HAMMERS OF MISFORTUNE "The August Engine" Cruz Del Sur Music (Mary)
  PSYCHOPHILE "Transition" Wasp Factory / DarkCell (DB)
  V.A. "20 Years To Soon" - A Tribute To The Nomads Wild Kingdom (Mary)
  KORN "Take A Look In The Mirror" Epic / Sony (dod)
  GEMINI 5 "Babylon Rockets" Wild Kingdom (Mary)
  ASTERIUS "A Moment Of Singularity" Cruz Del Sur (Mary)
  ELVIRA MADIGAN Witches" Black Lodge (AT)
  UNMOORED "Indefinite Soul-Extension" Code666 / SPV (AT)
  DIMENSION ZERO This Is Hell" Regain Records (AT)
  CORNIX MALEDICTUM "Mariage en Noir" VenusRecords (DB)
  THE WONDERFOOLS "Doing their duty to the nightlife" Wild Kingdom (DB)
  CASSIOPEIA "Resting Deep Under Water" Eigenvertrieb (MK)
  THE CRUXSHADOWS "Ethernaut" Dancing Ferrets / Nova Media (SR)
  DEINE LAKAIEN "Live" Chrom / Sony (MK)
  TVANGESTE "Firestorm" Worldchaos / Metal Mind (dod)
  AUTUMNBLAZE "The Mute Sessions" Prophecy Productions (TS)
  HEKATE "Ten Years Of Endurence" Auerbach / Prophecy (TS)
  NETZ "Misiving Transmitter Werk 03" Artofact (TS)
  IMMUNOLOGY "Thorn Dive" SXdistribution (TS)
  TEMPLE OF TWILIGHT "Moon Attraction" Eigenvertrieb (TS)
  X-FUSION "Dial D For Demon" SoulFood / Scanner (KD)
  DIE ÄRZTE "Geräusch" Hot Action / Universal (TS)
  IN STRICT CONFIDENCE "Babylon" CDS Minuswelt / Sony (Ivo)
  THE ETERNAL AFFLICT "Katharsis" SoulFood / Scanner (Ivo)
  CARNIVAL OF DREAMS "Schwerelos" EP Eisenberg / Strange Ways (TS)
  CAP "Statement" Nova / Produkt (TS)
  DEATHBOY "Music To Crash Cars To" Wasp Factory / Alice In... (Ivo)
  CHARON "The Dying Daylight" Spinefarm / Universal (TS)
  DVAR "Piirrah" / "Rakhilim" S.P.K.R. / Monopoly Records (TS)
  ANATHEMA "A Natural Disaster" Music For Nations (MK)
  MACHINE HEAD "Trough the Ashes of Empires" Roadrunner Records (AT)
  TIAMAT "Prey" Century Media (AT)
  DISBELIEF "Spreading The Rage" Massacre Records / Sony (dod)
  MUSTASCH "Ratsafari" Capitol/ EMI (Mary)
  THE WAKE "Ode To My Misery" Spike Farm / Universal (TS)
  STIN SCATZOR "Industrogression" Black Flames Records (TS)
  TON SUR TON "Visitor" Eigenvertrieb (SW)
  SUICIDE COMMANDO "Axis Of Evil" Dependent / Alive (MK)
  FRONT LINE ASSEMBLY "Maniacal" CDS Synthetic Symphony / SPV (MK)
  ASP "Stille der Nacht" CDS Trisol Music Group (TS)
  TAPE "#1" EastWest / WEA (dod)
  RESTRICTED AREA "Realtime" Life Is Painful / NovaMedia (TS)
  T.H. INDUSTRY "Scream" Ionium Records / SX (TS)
  LETHARGY "In-Macula" Black Flames (TS)
  DER EREMIT "Besserwisser" Eigenvertrieb (TS)
  ATROX "Orgasm" Audioglobe / SPV (dod)
  OPALESSENCE "Future Memorabilia" Eigenvertrieb (SR)
  GARDENS OF GEHENNA "Mechanism Maschism" GrayFall (TS)
  DUPONT "Ukraina" Life Is Painful / NovaMedia (SW)
  SOMBRE VIEW "I want to see the world go under" Life Is Painful / NovaMedia (SW)
  DWELLING "Dwelling" Life Is Painful / NovaMedia (TS)
  MIDNIGHT CONFIGURATION "Sepulchre Rose" Nightbreed Rec. (SW)
  APOCALYPTICA feat. Nina Hagen "Seemann" CDS Motor/Universal (dod)
  WOLFSHEIM "Find You're Here" CDS StrangeWays (SW)
  DE/VISION "I Regret" CDS Synthetic Product (MK)
  CLAN OF XYMOX "Farewell" Pandaimonium / EFA (MK)
  UNTOTEN "Grabsteinland" Sonic Malade (DB)
  SYRIA "Driving Music" Maxi-CD Black October (DB)
  IN MITRA MEDUSA INRI "The Darkness Between Us" Apollyon / EFA (TS)
  SYNTHETIC "Control" "Control" Unpopular Culture (TS)
  MANDRAKE "Calm The Seas" GrayFall (TS)
  NORTHER "Mirror Of Madness" Motor / Universal (AT)
  GRIMFIST "Gouls Of Grandeur" Candlelight Records (AT)
  GEYERS "Und dein roter Mund" Geyers Records (DB)
  V.A. "Voices of Darkness" Moon Silence (DB)
  [:SITD:] "Stronghold" Accession / EFA (MK)
  SCHILLER "Leben" Polydor/Island (Ivo)
  WE "Lightyears Ahead" Black Balloon (SR)
  NFD "Break The Silence" CDS Jungle / EFA (MK)
  EDGE OF SANITY "Crimson II" Black Mark (MK)
  LA DEUXIÈME CRÉATION "Kains Lied" CDS Eigenvertrieb (MK)
  PHANTOM VISION "Traces of Solitude" COP International (SW)
  THE GATHERING "Monsters" CDS Psychonaut Records (SR)
  CYANHIDE "Dancefloor" Eigenvertrieb (TS)
  FEARING CHRISTMAS "Turm schlägt Pferd. Schachmatt." Eigenvertrieb (TS)
  GRANDCHAOS "La Forge" Galaxy (TS)
  POTENTIA ANIMI "Das erste Gebot" Puck Records (TS)
  DESCENE "The First Step" Excentric Records (TS)
  THE RAVEONETTES "Chain Gang Of Love" Columbia Records / Sony (TS)
  MOONSPELL "The Antidote" Century Media (AT)
  DIMMU BORGIR "Death Cult Armageddon" Nuclear Blast (AT)
  ADEMA "Unstable" BMG (AT)
  ZYKLON "Aeon" Candlelight Records (AT)
  NEON DREAM "Anodyne" Equinoxe Records (SR)
  VOID DESTRUCT "Sensory Division" Cryonica Music (SR)
  NEUROTICFISH "Need / Its Not Me" CDS StrangeWays / Indigo (dod)
  ILLUMINATE "10 x 10" Gallery / Nuclear Blast (dod)
  SAMSAS TRAUM "Tineoidea oder: Die Folgen einer Nacht" Trisol / EFA (SU)
  SCHOCK "Tanz!" CDS Zeitbombe/StrangeWays (SU)
  COMMON DREAM "Someone Could" CDS Black Flames Records (SU)
  IN EXTREMO "7" Motor / Universal (MK)
  ELIS "God´s Silence - Devil´s Temptation" Napalm / SPV (SR)
  ZERAPHINE "Traumaworld" Drakkar / BMG (dod)
  LEICHENWETTER "Unworte" Eigenvertrieb (MK)
  AVARITITA "Pulse" Equinoxe Records (SR)
  RICOCHETS "The Ghost Of Your Love" White Jazz (SR)
  MANDRA GORA LIGHTSHOW SOCIETY "Lucile's Grotesque Diary… " 45 / Indigo (MK)
  THE VISION BLEAK "Creepy And Hauting Entertainment" CDS Prophecy Productions (TS)
  CHAMBER "Ghoststories & Fairytales" CD Trisol Music Group (TS)
  MARC ALMOND "Gone but not forgotten" MCD "Heart on Snow" CD XIII BIS Records (TS)
  CAMOUFLAGE "I can´t feel You" CDS Island / Polydor (SR)
  VELVET ACID CHRIST "Hex Angel - Utopia Dystopia" CD Dependent (TS)
  THE CRÜXSHADOWS "Frozen Embers" EP Dancing Ferret Discs (TS)
  THE LAST DANCE "Whispers In Rage" CD Apollyon (SR)
  MORE MACHINE THAN MAN "Electrolust (Euro.Ver.2)" CD Black Flames Records (TS)
  COMMON DREAM "Gravity" CD Black Flames Records (TS)
  ALLIED VISION "O.S. Bandwidth" CD Intracraneal Pocession (TS)
  OHGR "Sunny Psyop" CD Spitfire / Eagle Rock (MK)
  DOSSCHE "Existenz" CD Zeitbombe/Indigo (MK)
  SCHOCK "Glamour" CD StrangeWays/Indigo (dod)
  ANUBIS "Reflections" CD Eigenvertrieb (TS)
  STARK "The Surgical Suite" CD GUP (MK)
  TOTAL DEVASTATION "Roadmap To Pain" CD Firebox Records (dod)
  THE ALPHA CHILD "Forgotten Paradise" CD Cerebral Music (MK)
  JUNKIE XL "Radio JXL"Do-CD Roadrunner Records (TS)
  ASP "Weltunter" CD Trisol Music Group (TS)
  BRUDERSCHAFT "Forever" AlfaMatrix (Ivo)
  KOSHEEN "Kokopelli" Moksha / BMG (SR)
  ZEROMANCER "Famous Last Words" CDS WEA (SR)
  STARK "Wield" EP GUP (MK)
  COAL CHAMBER "Giving The Devil His Due" Roadrunner Records (AT)
  MNEMIC: "Mechanical Spin Phenomena" Nuclear Blast (AT)
  TIDFALL "Nucleus" Nuclear Blast (AT)
  GORGOROTH: "Twilight Of The Idols..." Nuclear Blast (AT)
  EBOLA JOY "Sitra Achra" Eigenvertrieb (MK)
  NIGHTFALL "I Am Jesus" Black Lotus (MK)
  TAROT "Suffer Our Pleasures" Spinefarm (MK)
  MÖRK GRYNING "Pieces Of Primal Expressionism" No Fashion (MK)
  MY SIXTH SHADOW "10 Steps 2 Your Heart " Voice of Life (MK)
  MY TIDE "Impressions From A Dying World" Twilight (MK)
  DARKSEED "Astral Adventures" Massacre Records (dod)
  SLYDE "Emotion Overflow" Equinoxe Records (dod)
  WOODLAWN "Sunlight" CDS turm18 (TS)
  CYRANO "Morituri" Eigenvertrieb (TS)
  FOR MY PAIN "Fallen" Spinefarm (dod)
  KILLING JOKE "Killing Joke" Zuma / Sony (MK)
  THE FAIR SEX "Thin Walls - Part 1" Endless Records (TS)
  SARA NOXX "Nonvoxx" Soul Food/Scanner (TS)
  SPIRITUAL REALITY "Kalt" Soul Food/Scanner (TS)
  OBSIDIAN VOICE "Taste Of Night" Eigenvertrieb (TS)
  :OF THE WAND AND THE MOON: "Lucifer" Prophecy Productions (TS)
  PATENBRIGADE: WOLFF".Werkzeugbuch" Zweieck Recordings / Flaster (SU)
  DELAWARE "... and everything reminds me" Sony Music (SR)
  PROJECT PITCHFORK: "Collector: Fireworks & Colorchange" Candyland / WEA (MK)
  DRONNING MAUD LAND: "Bedlam" Schwarzrock / Soulfood (MK)
  THE ETERNAL AFFLICT: "Godless" Scanner / Soulfood (yabba)
  INSIDE: "Extremities" Scanner / Soulfood (yabba)
  ARTS OF EREBUS: "Negative White" Sonorium (yabba)
  XANDRIA "Kill The Sun" Drakkar / BMG (dod/HB)
  MARTIN GORE "Counterfeit2" Mute Records (TS)
  ANTIMATTER "Lights Out" Prophecy Productions (TS)
  DISMAL "Rubino Liquido" Dreamcell 11/Code666 (dod)
  MANES "Vilosophe" Code666 / SPV (MK)
  AFTER ALL "..." Music Avenue (HB)
  HAUS ARAFNA "Butterfly" Galakthorroe (UB)
  THEOREMA "Total War" Galakthorroe (UB)
  1972 "Coma" Eigenvertrieb (TS)
  SCHNEEWITTCHEN "..." Konstantin Records (TS)
  SCHANDMAUL "Hexenkessel" DVD/CD F.A.M.E. Recordings / BMG (SU)
  MARILYN MANSON "The Golden Age of Grotesque" Interscope / Universal (AT)
  TYPE O NEGATIVE "Life is killing Me" Roadrunner Records (AT)
  METALLICA St. Anger" Universal / Mercury (AT)
  HIM "Love Metal" Gun Records / BMG (AT)
  CATASTROPHE BALLET: "Test Of Time" Oblivion / SPV (dod)
  IKON: "From Angels To Ashes 1997-2003" Nile Records (SR)
  END OF GREEN: "Last Night On Earth" Silverdust Records (MK)
  DECODED FEEDBACK: "Shockwave" Out of Line/Metropolis (yabba)
  T.O.Y. "White Lights" Drakkar / e-wave (TS)
  Y-LUK-O "Kerion Celsi" Sonic X (TS)
"Nicht um zu sterben" / "Bitter ist es dem Tod zu dienen" (re-releases)
Prophecy Productions (TS)
  LULLACRY: "Crucify My Heart" Century Media (AT)
  PASSENGER: "-" Century Media (AT)
  SOLEFALD: "In Harmonia Universali" Century Media (AT)
  THYRANE: "Hypnotic" Century Media (AT)
  BLOODFLOWERZ: "7 Benedictions / 7 Maledictions" Silverdust / Soulfood (dod)
  CYBER AXIS: "Skin" Accession / EFA (dod)
  KARTAGON: "Natural Instincts" StrangeWays / Indigo (dod)
  HONIGDIEB: "Sei Wie Du Bist" Kunterbunt / Soulfood (dod)
  THE AWAKENING: "Sacrifical Etchings" Intervention Arts (yabba)
  COLONY 5: "Structures" Kleedfeld (yabba)
  HUMAN DECAY: "Perfect Visions" Accession / EFA (yabba)
  THE SAND: "The Memory of Dead Romances" Eigenvertrieb (yabba)
  EVANESCENE: "Fallen" Sony Music (AT)
  :WUMPSCUT: "Preferential Tribe" Soul Food / NovaMedia (yabba)
  FRONT 242: "Pulse" XIIIBis Records (yabba)
  CHANDEEN: "Echoes" Kalinkaland / EFA (TS)
  BLAZING ETERNITY: "A World To Drown In" Prophecy Productions (TS)
  ADVERSUS: "Winter, so unsagbar Winter" Sonorium (TS)
  SYRIA: "Slow Night" / "Meanwhile" Black October Records (TS)
  EMINENCE OF DARKNESS: "Raindrobs" Eigenvertrieb (TS)
  ZENTRIERT INS ANTLITZ: "Genozid" Cop International (yabba)
  USER NE: "Tarantos" XTREEM (MK)
  CORONATUS: "Von Engeln nur" Eigenvertrieb (HB)
  KRUX: "Krux" Mascot Records (HB)
  EMPEROR: "Scattered Ashes" Candellight Records (HB)
  V.A.: "Heroes Of Steel"   (HB)
  GARY NUMAN: "Scarred" Eagle Records (TS)
  FRONT 242: "Still and Raw" XIIIBis Records (yabba)
  THE RAZOR SKYLINE: "The Bitter Well" Cop Int. (yabba)
  CROSSCUT: "Nonesizefitsall" Fame Recordings (yabba)
  SOILWORK: "Figure Number Five" Nuclear Blast (AT)
  ALLFADER: "From The Darkest Star" Rage Of Achilles (AT)
  TRISTITIA: "Garden of Darkness" Holy / SPV (MK)
  EVEREVE: ".enetics" Massacre Records (SR)
  THE CASCADES: "Corrosive Mind Cage" Andromeda / Vielklang (TS)
  GOTHMINISTER: "Gothic Electronic Anthems" Tatra Rec. / Soulfood (DB)
  THE FAIR SEX: "Getting Out Of My Head" Endless Records (DB)
  ROTERSAND: "Merging Oceans" Endless Records (DB)
  MYSTERIUM: "Soulwards" Prophecy Productions (TS)
  CANAAN: "A Calling To Weakness" Eibon / Dark Vinyl (MK)
  MACHINE HEAD: "Hellalive" Roadrunner Records (AT)
  MILA MAR: "Picnic On The Moon" StrangeWays (TS)
  WHISPERS IN THE SHADOW: "Everything You Know Was Wrong" Trisol / EFA (SR)
  PSEUDO: "Introversion" Eigenvertrieb (TS)
  EVER SINCE: "Fight The Elements" Eigenvertrieb (DB)
  REPTILIAN: "Thunderblaze" Regain Records (AT)
  THE DUSKFALL: "Fraility" Black Lotus Records (AT)
  JUSTIN SULLIVAN: "Navigating by the Stars" Attack Attack Records (DB)
  L´ÂME IMMORTELLE: "Als die Liebe starb" Trisol (MK)
  EVERGREY: "Recreation Day" Inside Out / SPV (MK)
  THREDONY ENSEMBLE: "Timbre Hollow" All Tomorrow's Parties (UB)
  SYVAIN CHAVEAU: "Un Autre Décembre" FatCat Records (UB)
  V.A.: "Dark Stars" Metal Mind (TS)
  WOLFSHEIM: "Casting Shadows" StrangeWays (TS)
  DESDEMONA: "s.u.p.e.r.N.O.V.A." Metal Mind (TS)
  INSANIA: "Fantasy, a new Dream Dimension" No Fashion (UB)
  HELLRIDE: "... and the earth moved ..." White Jazz Records (UB)
  DEINONYCHUS: "Mournument" My Kingdom Music (UB)
  APOCALYPTICA: "Reflections" Island / Mercury (AT)
  MARDUK: "World Funeral" Regain Records (AT)
  GAIL OF GOD: "Severed" Apollyon (DB)
  BLOODY, DEAD AND SEXY: "Paint It Red" Alice in ... (TS)
  SLEEPWALK: "Retrospect 94-96" Scanner / Soul Food (TS)
  NAAMAH: "Ultima" Metal Mind (TS)
  QNTAL: "III" Stars In The Dark / EFA (MK)
  SUBWAY TO SALLY: "Engelskrieger" Mercury / Universal (SBT)
  SALTATIO MORTIS: "Heptessenz" Napalm Records (DB)
  ANTIQUE: "Book One" Trostlos Records (DB)
  ASTROVAMPS: "Manifesto" CDS Alice In ... (MK)
  DIVA DESTRUCTION: "Exposing The Sickness" Alice In ... (SR)
  CHILDREN OF BODOM: "Hate Crew Deathroll" Spinefarm Records (MK)
  CRADLE OF FILTH: "Damnation And A Day" Epic / Sony Music (AT)
  THE GATHERING: "Souvenirs" Pychonaut Records (AT)
  WITHIN TEMPTATION: "Mother Earth" Supersonic / BMG (MK)
  OPUS ATLANTICA: "..." Regain Records (SR)
  N-COR: "Tiefenrausch" StrangeWays (SR)
  EINSTÜRZENDE NEUBAUTEN: "9-15-2000, Brussels" (TS)
  CROWHEAD: "Frozen" My Kingdom Music (SR)
  WOLFSHEIM: "Kein Zurück" (CDS) StrangeWays (TS)
  DAF: "15 neue DAF-Lieder" Superstar (TS)
  NICK CAVE AND THE BAD SEEDS: "Nocturama" Mute Records (DB)
  ROOM WITH A VIEW: "First Year Daparture" My Kingdom Music (TS)
  HIGH LEVEL STATIC: "Shining" Trisol Music Group (TS)
  STAUB: "Trockenzeit" Trisol Music Group (TS)
  LACRIMOSA: "Echos" Hall Of Sermon (TS/JA/MK)
  ASP: "Weltunter" (CDS) Trisol Music Group (SR)
  GHOSTING: "Disguised In Black" Alice In ... (MK)
  THE KOVENANT: "S.E.T.I." Nuclear Blast (AT)
  POISON BLACK: "Escapexstacy" Century Media (AT)
  DEFLESHED: "Royal Straight Flesh" Regain Records (AT)
  THOU ART LORD: "DV 8" Black Lotus Records (AT)
  NEGURA BUNGET: "N'Crugu Bradului" code 666 / SPV (UB)
  ABORYM: "With No Human Intervention" code 666 / SPV (UB)
  V.A.: "Don´t Hurt What You Can Kill" L.White Records (UB)
  SOPOR AETERNUS: "Es reiten die Toten so schnell ..." Trisol Music Group (TS)
  NAD SPIRO: "Fightclubbing" Mess Age (UB)
  CULT OF LUNA: "The Beyond" Earache (UB)
  CALIBAN: "Shadow Hearts" Lifeforce (UB)
  V.A.: "This Is Not The 80s" INC INCredible (UB)
  V.A.: "Better Undead Than Alive" code666 / SPV (UB)
  PERSEPHONE: "Still ..." Trisol Music Group (SR)
  L.MINYGWAL: "E'er" Virusworx Records (TS)
  NEVER COMES SILENCE: "Red Ocean" Eigenvertrieb (TS)
  FOREST STREAM: "Tears of Mortal Solitude" Earache / SPV (TS)
  DRACUL: "Follow Me" Falcone Music / EFA (TS)
  ANGEL OF VENICE: "Forever After" Accession Records / EFA (MK)
  FADING COLOURS: "Black Horse / Time / The Beginning" Metal Mind (SR)
  CHRISTIAN DEATH: "Lover Of Sin" Candlelight Records (AT)
  MORTAL LOVE: "All The Beauty ..." Massacre Records (AT)
  FORSETI: "Windzeit" geoart/Grunwald (DB)

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