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  IN EXTREMO: "Live" (DVD / CD) Island Mercury / Universal (SR)
  DIARY OF DREAMS: "Panik Manifesto" Accession Records / EFA (MK)
  OLD MANS CHILD: "In Defiance Of Existence" Century Media (AT)
  TENEBRE: "Electric Hellfire Kiss" Regain Records (AT)
  DENSE VISION SHRINE: "Magic & Mystery" Iris Light (UB)
  NACHZEHRER: "Teen Taken From A Tent By Aliens " Nanopop (UB)
  PROJECT PITCHFORK: "Trialog" Candyland / WEA (SR)
  ARTROSIS: "Melange" Metal Mind (TS)
  DELIGHT: "Eternity" Metal Mind (TS)
  STROMKERN: "Re-Align" Scanner / Schwarzrock (UB)
  GD DELUXXE: "Vendetta" Suction (UB)
  VISUAL AUDIO PROJECT: "Neubeginn" Eigenvertrieb (UB)
  V.A.: "Die Flut - Benefiz - Compilation" Scanner/Soulfood (UB)
  V.A.: "The Ascension Of Mother Dance" Alice in ... (UB)
  DANCE ON GLASS: "Daydreaming" Metal Mind (TS)
  MOONLIGHT: "Candra" Metal Mind (TS)
  BELLA MORTE: "The Quite" Metropolis Records (TS)
  FINAL SELECTION: "AntiHero" Strange Ways (TS)
  TUNES OF DAWN: "Tomorrow Is Friday" T.O.D. Productions (SR)
  IRRLICHT: "De/Kadenz" Eigenvertrieb (TS)
  END: "Out Of Eden" Eigenvertrieb (MK)
  PARA:NOID: "Trinity" Eigenvertrieb (MK)
  DIORAMA: "The Art Of Creating Confusing Spirits" Accession Records (MK)
  THE MISSION: "Aural Delight" xiiibis records (SR)
  LACRIMOSA: "Durch Nacht und Flut - Special Edition" Hall Of Sermon (SR)
  LITHIUM: "Cold" No Fashion (Martin KA)
  UNTOTEN vs. SOKO FRIEDHOF: "Dresscode Black II" Sonic Malade (Yabba)
  SIEBEN: "Our Solitary Confinement" Trisol Music Group (MK)
  DOWN THE SUN: "Down The Sun" Roadrunner Records (AT)
  TIME REQUIEM: "Time Requiem" Regain Records (AT)
  ABLAZE MY SORROW: "Anger, Hate and Fury" No Fashion (AT)
  ERBLAST: "Drittgeschlecht" Erbgut (TS)
  LACRIMOSA: "Durch Nacht & Flut" Hall Of Sermon (JA)
  PROJECT PITCHFORK: "View From A Throne" Candyland / WEA (SR)
  TWICE A MAN: "Agricultural Beauty" Yellow / Strange Ways (TS)
  ASHES YOU LEAVE: "Fire" Morbid Records (MK)
  TEARS OF MYSTGMA: "Higher Circumstance" Eigenvertrieb (TS)
  THE DEEP EYNDE: "Suicide Drive " Apollyon (UB)
  DIE ÄRZTE: "Rock'n Roll Realschule" Hot Action / Universal (TS)
  THEATRES DES VAMPIRES: "Suicide Vampire" Blackend / Plastic Head (SR)
  PARADISE LOST: "Symbol Of Life" Gun / BMG (MK)
  SATYRICON: "Volcano" Virgin (AT)
  EWIGHEIM: "Auf die Harte Kulttour" (Vinyl-Single) Prophecy Productions (SR)
  ALEISTER CROWLEY: "The Great Beast Speaks" MOD/Bellaphon (MK)
  V.A.: "The Spooky Halloween Creepshow" Apollyon (SR)
  PIG: "Genuine American Monster" Metropolis Records (TS)
  KARI: "Pilot" Prophecy Productions (TS)
  TENHI: "Väre" Prophecy Productions (TS)
  ANGELS DIARY: "Garden Of Revelations" Eigenvertrieb (BT)
  CLARET: "The Impossible" Eigenvertrieb (BT)
  DESIRE: "Locus Horrendus" Eigenvertrieb (MK)
  MYRKSKOG: "Superior Massacre" Candlelight Records (AT)
  KARMAKANIC: "Entering The Spectra" Regain Records (SR)
  AUTUMNBLAZE: "Lighthouses" Prophecy Productions (SR)
  EXPRETUS: "electro.technic" Lichtbringer (UB)
  THE ANCIENT GALLERY: "Kopfdelay" Noiseworks (UB)
  FIELDS OF THE NEPHILIM: "Fallen" Jungle Records / SPV (AT)
  SOFT CELL: "Cruelty without Beauty" Cooking Vinyl (TS)
  L'ÂME IMMORTELLE: "Tiefster Winter" CDS Trisol Music Group (MK)
  SCHANDMAUL: "Narrenkönig" Fame Recordings / BMG (SU)
  SAMSAS TRAUM: "Ipsissima Verba" EP Trisol Music Group (SU)
  FUNKER VOGT: "Survivor" Synthetic Symphony / SPV (TS)
  SULPHER: "Spray" Dependent Records (SR)
  AMARA: "Conspiritualized" Dragon Records (SR)
  PSYCHOPUNCH: "The Pleasure Kill" White Jazz (SR)
  DEATH SS: "Humanomalies" Noize Factor / Zomba (AT)
  SEELENFRIEDEN: "Rufe aus dem Nirgendwo" Eigenvertrieb (AT)
  LACUNA COIL: "Comalies" Century Media (AT)
  THERION: "Live in Midgard" Nuclear Blast (AT)
  KATALYSM: "Shadows & Dust" Nuclear Blast (AT)
  MESHUGGAH: "Nothing" Nuclear Blast (AT)
  BOYTRONIC: "Autotune" StrangeWays (TS)
  NIGHTWISH: "Bless The Child" CDS Drakkar (SU)
  THE INCHTABOKTABLES: "Ultimate Live" StrangeWays (TS)
  ENGELSSTAUB: "Akashic Recordings" 4Dimensions (TS)
  DUST OF BASEMENT: "Five Become Two" Trisol Music Group (SU)
  AENIMA: "Never Fragile" Equilibrium Music (SR)
  PROJEKT K8: "When The Night Of Fire..." Eigenvertrieb (SR)
  THE CRÜXSHADOWS: "Wishfire" Dancing Ferret (TS)
  THE FAIR SEX: "TFS" Endless Records (SR)
  NUUK: "Hetrodyne" Divus Modus (SR)
  SEPULTURA: "Under A Pale Grey Sky" Roadrunner Records (AT)
  STORMWITCH: "Dance With The Witches" Silverdust Records (MK)
  ABSOLUTE STEEL: "The Fair Bitch Project" Edgerunner Records (AT)
  CRAFT: "Terror Propaganda" Selbstmord Services (AT)
  THE LOVELESS: "Star Rover" Prophecy Productions (SR)
  COVENANT: "Northern Lights" KA2 / Sony Music (TS)
  APOPTYGMA BERZERK: "Suffer In Silence" CDS WEA Records (SR)
  V2A: "EBM" Trisol Music Group (TS)
  BLACK HEAVEN: "Obscurity" Trisol Music Group (SU)
  ASTARTE: "Quod superius sicut inferius" Black Lotus Records (AT)
  BABYLON WHORES: "Death Of The West" Motor / Universal (AT)
  THE ALMIGHTY PUNCHDRUNK: "Music For Them Asses" Virusworx Records (AT)
  CELEBRATE THE NONE: "Arthur, Have You Eaten ..." CDS Himmelpforten Records (SR)
  V.A.: "Strange Works 2 - Compilation" Strange Ways (SR)
  V.A.: "Matrix Cube - Electro Club Hits Vol.1" Trisol Music Group (SU)
  STOLZES HERZ: "Traumzeit" Eigenvertrieb (SR)
  IN MITRA MEDUSA INRI: "Dreams" Apollyon / EFA (TS)
  FINISTERRA: "Kein Evoe, kein Requiem" Trisol Music Group (TS)
  STERIL: "Purification" Strange Ways (TS)
  THE EQUINOX OV THE GODS: "Where Angels Dare Not Tread" Virusworx Records (TS)
  IN FLAMES: "Reroute to Remain" Nuclear Blast (AT)
  ROTTING CHRIST: "Genesis" Century Media (AT)
  MARILYN MANSON & THE SPOOKY KIDS: "Dance With The Antichrist" Eastworld / PlasticHead (SR)
  ...AND OCEANS: "Cypher" Century Media (AT)
  ARRIVAL: "An Abstract Of Inertia" Edgerunner Records (MK)
  DARKWELL: "Conflict Of Interest" Napalm Records (SR)
  DIE MY DARLING: "Pain" Trisol Music Group (SR)
  MASSIV IN MENSCH: "Die Rein" Artoffact Records (TS)
  MONKSODA: "Save And Sound" Radar (TS)
  MURDERDOLLS: "Beyond The Valley Of The Murderdolls" Roadrunner Records (AT)
  PLASTIC: "[kunst]:Stoff" Accession Records (MK)
  STONESOUR: " - " Roadrunner Records (AT)
  AD INFERNA: "L'Emipre Des Sens" Silverdust Records (SR)
  CHARON: "Downhearted" Motor Music (MK)
  SONO: "Soild State" Zeitgeist/Polydor (TS)
  SALTATIO MORTIS: "Das Zweite Gesicht" Napalm Records (AT)
  V.A.: "Beauty In Darkness Vol.6" Nuclear Blast (AT)
  THE GATHERING: "Black Light District" Psychonaut Records (AT)
  ORPLID: "Nächtliche Jünger"  Prophecy Productions (TS)
  MANTUS: "Fremde Welten" Trisol Music Group (SU)
  ANTIMATTER: "Saviour" Prophecy Productions (SR)
  JACK FROST: "Self Abusing Uglysex Ungod" Napalm Records (SR)
  CENOBITA: "Metamorfosis" Trisol Music Group (MK)
  DIARY OF DREAMS: "Freak Perfume" Accession Records (MK)
  NIGHTWISH: "Century Child" Drakkar / BMG (MK)
  FALK LENN: "Weinmond" Eigenvertrieb (TS)
  NEUROTICFISH: "Les Chansons Neurotiques" Strange Ways (TS)
  PAIN: "Nothing Remains The Same" Stockholm Records (AT)
  SKYCLAD: "No Daylights Nor Heeltaps" Demolition Records (AT)
  EKTOMORF: "I Scream Up To The Sky" Silverdust Records (AT)
  LONDON 86: "Changes" Eigenvertrieb (TS)
  EICHENSCHILD: "Auf Gedeih und Verderb" Eigenvertrieb (TS)
  ASP: "Zusammenkunft" EP Trisol Music Group (SR)
  CHAMBER: "L'Orchestre De Chambre Noir" Trisol Music Group (TS)
  LILLITH: "Survive The Cold Eternity" Trisol Music Group (TS)
  THE 69 EYES: "Paris Kills" Roadrunner Records (SR)
  WITT: "Eisenherz" Columbia / Sony Music (AT)
  DANZIG: "I Luciferi" Evilive Records (AT)
  PILORI: "Die Zeit des Lichts" Trisol Music Group (TS)
  ILLUMINA: "Chameleon" Nightbreed Records (TS)
  CLOSTERKELLER: "Promo" Eigenvertrieb (SR)
  PSYCHOTROPIC: "Transcendental" Eigenvertrieb (SR)
  WEENA MORLOCH: "Kadaver Komplex" Trisol Music Group (SU)
  THE FAIR SEX: "Lost Traces Of The Far Side" Endless Records (SR)
  ZOMBIE JOE: "Vegas" Safety Records (SR)
  DEADSY: "Commencement" Elementree Records (AT)
  PAIN CONTROL: "Subvert" Demolition Records (AT)
  KAAMOS: "---" Candlelight Records (AT)
  18 SUMMERS: "Virgin Mary" E-Wave / Drakkar (TS)
  BEYOND THE WALL OF SLEEP: "Rock Is A Dead Place" Alice In ... (SR)
  DAS ICH: "Anti'Christ" Massacre Records (TS)
  TRIBE AFTER TRIBE: "Enchanted Entrance" Zomba (AT)
  EVENFALL: "Cumbersome" Century Media (AT)
  AUTUMN ANGELS: "Shadow Of Your Soul / Icy World" Trisol Music Group (SR)
  LORIEN: "Czarny Kwiat Lotosu" Imagina / MAG (TS)
  SCHATTENSCHLAG: "Flashback" Trisol Music Group (TS)
  SKOYZ: "Decay" Trisol Music Group (TS)
  SENTENCED: "The Cold White Light" Century Media (AT)
  UNLEASHED: "Hells Unleashed" Century Media (AT)
  STENDAL BLAST: "Fette Beute" Moonstorm Records (TS)
  COAL CHAMBER: "Dark Days" Roadrunner Records (SR)
  PERIDIOUS WORDS: "Spreading Silence" Trisol Music Group (AT)
  INFEKKTION: "Virus Of Time" Trisol Music Group (TS)
  INSOMNIUM: "In The Halls Of Awaiting" Candlelight Records (JA)
  ZIMMERSHOLE: "Legion Of Flames" Virusworx Records (MK)
  DIE FORM: "Suspiria De Profundies" / "L'Âme Éectrique" Trisol Music Group (TS)
  IN MY ROSARY: "The Shades Of Cats" Trisol Music Group (TS)
  TOXICITIES BABIES: "F**K HiFi" Trisol Music Group (TS)
  SOLSTAFIR: "Ì Blódi Og Anda" Ars Metalli (AT)
  MOURNING ENDS: "Kriegerseele" Ars Metalli (AT)
  PETER MURPHY: "Dust" Metropolis Records (TS)
  SOKO FRIEDHOF: "Die Geschichte eines Werwolfs" Sonic Malade / EFA (TS)
  INFORMATIK: "Nymphomatik" Metropolis Records (TS)
  THE THIRD AND THE MORTAL: "Memoires" Prophecy Productions (SR)
  EMPYRIUM: "Weiland" Prophecy Productions (SR)
  ODROERIR: "Lass Euch sagen aus alten Tagen" Ars Metalli (TS)
  BLOODFLOWERZ: "Diabolic Angel" Silverdust Records (SR)
  END OF GREEN: "Songs For A Dying World" Silverdust Records (SR)
  ARCTURUS: "The Sham Mirrors" Prophecy Productions (MK)
  GOD´S BOW: "What´s Beyond The Suns" Black Flames Records (TS)
  ATARAXIA: "A Calliope ... Collection" Future Insights (TS)
  CORNIX MALEDICTUM: "... Verdammt in alle Ewigkeit" Ars Metalli (TS)
  ANUBIS: "Kassandra" Eigenvertrieb (SR)
  TAPPING THE VEIN: "The Damage" Nuclear Blast (SR)
  THE CREST: "Letters From Fire" Seasons Of Mist / Bellaphon (SR)
  INSCAPE: "Lichtjahrhundert" Out Of Line / SPV (SR)
  DEIN SCHATTEN: "Das Ewige Eis" Eigenvertrieb (TS)
  THYESTEAN FEAST: "Cycles Of Worldburn" Trisol Music Group (TS)
  V.A.: "The Gothic Grotesque & Elektro Bizarre Vol.2" Trisol Music Group (TS)
  V.A.: "New Swiss Waves" Divus Modus (TS)
  YENDRI: "Dangerous Thought" Trisol Music Group (TS)
  CALAN.DRA: "Where Do You Go?" Trisol Music Group (TS)
  THE CASCADES: "Nine66"     (SBT)
  GARDEN OF DELIGHT: "Psychonomicon 1991-2001"     (TS)
  SOURCE OF TIDE: "Blueprints"     (MK)
  CENTINEX: "Diabolical Desolation"     (SR)
  RAGNAROK: "In Nomine Satanas"     (SR)
  SOILWORK: "Natural Born Chaos"     (SR)
  THEATRE OF TRAGEDY: "Assembly"     (SR)
  UNDERGROUND MOON: "Underground Moon"     (SR)
  SILVER SERAPH: "Silver Seraph"     (SR)
  DIMENSION ZERO: "Silent Night Fever"     (SR)
  MANDYLION: "Die Erste Zeit"     (TS)
  CARNIVAL OF DREAMS: "Labyrinth":     (TS)
  EDENFELS: "Superstar"     (TS)
  L'AME IMMORTELLE: "Zwielicht"     (SR)
  DIE FORM: "Ad Infinitum / Confessions"     (SU)
  FALL OF THE LEAFE: ""Fermina"     (SU)
  ANCIENT CEREMONY: "The Third Testament"     (SU)
  VOID OF SILENCE: "Criteria Ov 666"     (TS)
  Y-LOK-O: "Dead Without You"     (TS)
  THE HOUSE OF USHER: "Inferno / L´Enfer"     (MK)
  THE CRÜXSHADOWS: "Tears" (CDS)     (SR)
  APOPTYGMA BERZERK: "Until The End Of The World" (CDS)     (SR)
  THE 3RD CULTURE: "Origin Of Soil"     (TS)
  DEAD TURNES ALIVE: "Salvation And Dispair"     (TS)
  ENID: "Seelenspiegel"     (TS)
  ALVARÉZ PERÉZ: "Milovat Je Umírat"     (TS)
  EMPYRIUM: "Auszüge aus Weiland" (7")     (SR)
  APOPTYGMA BERZERK: "Harmonizer"     (TS)
  MESH: "Who Watches Over Me?"     (TS)
  KMFDM: "Attak"     (SBT)
  IMMORTAL: "Sons Of Nothern Darkness"     (Uwe Schmidt)
  BELLA MORTE: "Where Shadows Lie"     (TS)
  SECOND SKIN: "Flesh Wounds"     (TS)
  DER EREMIT: "Magma Prana"     (TS)
  VNV NATION: "Futureperfect"     (TS)
  PUDDLE OF MUDD: "Come Clean"     (TS)
  EWIGHEIM: "Mord Nicht Ohne Grund"     (SR)
  THE BLUE SEASON: "Secede"     (SR)
  BASILISK: "...between Light And Shadow"     (SR)
  ANUBIZ: "Leid"     (TS)
  ANGIZIA: "39 Jahre Für Den Leierkastenmann"     (TS)
  DIE MY DARLING: "Virulent"     (SR)
  IN THE NURSEY: "Engel"     (SU)
  DEVILYN: "Artefact"     (TS)
  CARLOS PERON: "diverse"     (TS)
  7TH MOON: "Alter Alma"     (SR)
  ILLUMINATE: "Kaltes Licht"     (TS)
  CINEMA STRANGE: "The Astonished Eyes Of Evening"     (SU)
  SIECHTUM: "[Diagnose:Zeit]"     (SU)
  WESTWERK: "-/+"     (SU)
  DIODATI: "I"     (SU)
  WAYLANDER: "The Light The Dark And The Endless Knot"     (TS)
  PERSEPHONE: "Home"     (SR)
  NENIA C'ALLADHAN: " --- "     (TS)
  ELEMENT OF CRIME: "Romantik"     (TS)
  V.A.: "Licht und Kraft"     (disorder)
  MÖRK GRYNING: "Maelstrom Chaos"     (SR)
  WOLF: "Black Wings"     (SR)
  REIGN OF EREBUS: "HumanRacist"     (SR)
  BLACK HEAVEN: "Chapter One"     (SR)
  LIBITINA: "Weltanschauung"     (SR)
  WYKKED WYTCH: "Angelic Vengeance"     (SR)

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